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Melaine - Tripadvisor
"We live close by this park and I always wanted to visit it but we often haven’t got time to go for it. Others say it is expensive and others say it wasn’t very nice.... The staff were very friendly and well trained. Although they were very busy we really enjoyed ourselves as there were plenty to do. I was surprised with the amount of activities they have to offer, plenty of things to see too. The highlights of our visit was the boat rides, we really had a wonderful time and most of all it was free. The staff were very friendly and helpful too. Another one was the runaway train, it really seemed real and it was really nerve racking but again we enjoyed it too. Before we go we bought an extra delicious ice cream, I couldn’t believe it tasted that good. It made me like going back there again just to buy an ice cream. Without Tesco vouchers we may not have been able to visit the park, so thank you Tesco and Knockhatch adventure Park too."
Review submitted on: 02-03-2018
Sheila - Tripadvisor
"Very cold day but with a lot to see the children were so excited never felt the cold. We had an enjoyable lunch and lots of fun in soft play area. Staff are very friendly. The whole area was very clean and looked after."
Review submitted on: 02-03-2018
Samantha Clifton
"I travelled to Knockhatch from Surrey for the meerkat experience and it was amazing! The staff who greeted us were very friendly and made us feel very welcome. On arrival we were a little early so we walked around the park and bumped into Owen a staff member who later was our guide for the experience! who had a tawny owl with him (Rusty) and was happy to let us stroke and told us the little fellows back story. From here it just got better and better! As we walked towards the meekats Owen told us about each of the owls we walked past and Marvin (a very talkative little fellow) who gave us a stunning show of his dance moves and feathers! :D We then met each of the meerkats who climbed all over us and was then given the extra opportunity to help train one of their newer owls (Bandit) to fly (something which I have wanted to do for a very long time!!) I was absolutely amazed by the experience I was given and would love to go back and do it all again!! Highly recommended!! :D "
Review submitted on: 02-02-2018
Becky Gardiner
"After our first visit with our 3 yr old son today, I had to come to your site to let you know how much we enjoyed our day at knockhatch. You never know what to expect in off peak months like January when visiting these kind of places. But it's very clear to see that although you have less visitors, you still make every effort to make their visit a great one. Which is just wonderful. Being able to get close to the animals, even hold a snake(!) and stroke a magnificent owl... what a memorable day. Your soft play area was a big hit and although the menu was quite limited, the food you sold was hearty and delicious. Thank you all for being so welcoming and friendly. We are very much looking forward to seeing knockhatch later in the year when you have even more to see! "
Review submitted on: 30-01-2018
Matt Tribouillard - Via Google Reviews
"We were genuinely surprised at how many attractions were free and the ones that we did have to pay for were very reasonably priced. Fantastic play areas for the kids and plenty to keep the adults entertained too."
Review submitted on: 03-11-2017
90philipb - Via Tripadvisor
"Never visited Knockhatch before but really pleasantly surprised. Everywhere appears clean and well kept. Staff were polite and helpful clearly happy to be there. Good range of attractions for kids of all ages, love the karts. Even the animals were sociable. Lovely day out."
Review submitted on: 03-11-2017
Ann-Carole Chamberlain Via FB
"I think I am one of your more frequent visitors at least twice a week usually more and I can honestly say I have never had any cause to complain well done to all of your amazing staff and management and thanks for making my job so much easier x"
Review submitted on: 03-11-2017
Laura Prestedge - Via Facebook
"Visited Knockhatch today for the first time even though we live 20 mins up the road. Brilliant place. Totally worth the money. Food was reasonably priced. Clean and extremely polite staff. We'll be back! On any colour day"
Review submitted on: 03-11-2017


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REVIEW *****
We've just had an absolutely fantastic day out at Knockhatch! So much fun from 10am-4:30pm - This was only made possible because of the brand NEW Changing Places facility (which our son needed to use 5 times over the course of the day!). Without this facility we would only have been able to manage an hour or two...thank you Knockhatch for being ALL inclusive
Lucy Crunden - via Facebook
Oct 2017
REVIEW *****
Had such a lovely day at knockhatch yesterday, I think it’s one of the best valued places to visit for the amount of things to do. You upped your game this year for the Halloween containment it was brilliant good job guys
Sarah Lee via Facebook
Oct 2017
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