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Adventure Outdoors

The following outdoor Knockhatch attractions may not be open all year, or may be running at restricted times, so please ensure that you check our opening times page for full information before you plan your visit.
It's wise to bring a change of clothing for the attractions that involve water, the chance is that you'll get wet! Please ensure that appropriate clothing is worn to avoid injury. Please see our ATTRACTION RULES page for details on individual attractions, there is a link available from this page.

There are a few additional attractions available here at Knockhatch Adventure Park that are not included in the entrance fee, these have been indicated with an asterisk and full details are on our Additional Attraction page.

Avalanche Slide

Where kids can speed down the slopes with the possibility of getting wet, a small maze, slides and climbing areas.

Boating Lake

Also in the outdoor play area for 6+ year olds there’s our popular boating lake (all ages), which is included in your entrance fee. With boats that can hold up to four people, this facility is popular with both children and adults alike. Everyone must wear a buoyancy aid.

Chair-o-plane Ride

These chairs hang and swing outward when moving, as the rotation makes them swing outward using centrifugal force.


A fun place for the kids to play, wooden structures and hideaways connected with ropes and walk-ways, this is a great place to climb and hide from friends. Also Chestnut Wood has a sandpit, pedal cars, and swings. Let your little ones run off some energy here!

The Dragon Castle

Get ready to storm our wooden castle with turrets, ladders, poles, slides and a terrifying climbing tunnel. Only the brave will face the Red Dragon in it's dungeon. The Dragon Castle has anew 70m Dual Zip Wire, an exciting Dual Ride pendulum seats and a Battering Ram Rope Swing!

Jumping Pillows

A unique attraction which is great for fitness and fun alike, think of the calories you could burn! Who can bounce the highest?

Pirates Paddling Pool

3yrs to 12yrs (see 'attraction rules' for further details)
There's no better way to cool off in the summer, and have some fun, than to splash around in our Pirate's Cove Paddling Pool. Be a pirate here at Pirate's Cove. Parents can sit and lay on the artificial grass whilst supervising their children, just be careful those water cannons don't get you!

Quadapillar Barrel Ride

Enjoy a speedy Quadapillar Barrel Ride for lots of laughs. It’s barrels of fun and a bumpy ride. Squeal as you go over the hill!

Tommy Tractor Play Barn

An undercover play barn with a sandpit area and two timber constructed play vehicles, Harry the Harvester and Tommy the Tractor. They are visually exciting for children with great educational play value, allowing children to socialise, slide, crawl, climb and develop their coordination, imagination and role playing skills.

Wave Runner Waterslide

This exciting ride will offer a heart pounding thrill as you speed down from the thirty two foot tower. After which you will skip across a pool of water to a safe dry landing at the end. You could find yourself sitting side by side a relative or friend and race to the bottom....the question is, who will get there, and get wet first!?

REVIEW *****
We had a fantastic day out at Knockhatch yesterday! Father Christmas was amazing and so was his Elf. The Owl show was amazing and Keeper Ben answered all of our questions about the owls and being able to get close and personal with the owls made the experience even better! Thank you Knockhatch for a super fun day!
Jasmine J | Facebook
December 2019
REVIEW *****
What an amazing place. Great value and so much for all the family to do. Can highly recommend the air cannon play area by the entrance/exit, especially if you want to get revenge on your little ones!
Tom W | Google
November 2019
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