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Attraction Upgrades

There are a few additional attractions available here at Knockhatch Adventure Park that are not included in the entrance fee. They are mentioned below.


(approx 5 mins)
£3.00 - pay at the entrance


(approx 2 mins)
£1.00 - this attraction is coin operated


Refundable £1 deposit


Drivers must be a minimum of 1.5 metres tall and 13 years old.
Passengers must be a minimum of 1.1 metres tall.
Passengers must be driven by a member of their own family or group.
To take a passenger the driver must be 16 years or older.
Guests require full body control to drive a go-kart and must be able to understand safety instructions and operational controls.
The marshal will assess each individual that meets the initial driver restrictions and their decision on the individual’s ability to drive and safely control a go-kart is final.
If the marshal decides that the individual cannot drive, then they will need a driver with them who must be 16 years or over to drive.
To ride as a passenger, you require upper body control. All riders must wear the seatbelt provided.
(approx 5mins)

£4.95 per Go Kart - pay at the entrance


(approx 2mins)
Age restriction 4-12 years.
£1.00 - this attraction is coin operated


(approx 2 attempts)
Orange days only
£2.00 - pay at the entrance


High Ropes Rules



To enjoy this attraction:

  • To climb on your own, you must be at least 1.3m. If under 16 years old, you must be supervised from the ground by a responsible adult (17yrs+). If you are supervising from the ground, you must be able to see clearly at a distance of no more than 20 metres. 8 children to 1 adult.
  • Anyone between 1 metre to 1.3 metres and at least 7 years old can climb but must be accompanied by a responsible adult (17yrs+) who has to climb as well. 1 child to 1 adult. Everyone climbing must purchase a ticket.
  • The maximum weight to climb is 120kg (18.5 stone).
  • Any person with a disability must inform the staff member at the high ropes course and be accompanied by a responsible adult (17yrs+) who has to climb as well.

Before climbing:

  • Knockhatch Instructor will provide instruction. Listen carefully and ask if you are unsure. Any instruction given by a Knockhatch instructor must be obeyed at all times.
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn. No backless shoes, flip flops, crocs or sandals.
  • As much skin as possible should be covered. Any exposed skin could be rubbed by the harness and is more likely to receive injury on the apparatus.
  • Remove any loose clothing i.e. scarfs.
  • Remove as much jewellery as possible i.e. hoop earrings/facial piercings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Any jewellery not removed may get caught and cause injury to yourself.
  • All pockets need to be emptied or sealed.
  • Tie long hair up.
  • Any mobile devices such as cameras or mobile phones that you wish to take on the course must be attached to you at all times.
  • All loose items must be attached to you at all times or in a sealed pocket.
  • No chewing gum.
  • No-one assumed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs may climb.
  • We advise that anyone who is pregnant or with any medical conditions that may be affected by climbing i.e. heart conditions, back or spinal problems, should not attempt to climb.

Your kit:

  • A Knockhatch Instructor will fit your harness. Once your harness has been fitted you must not touch any part of it. If your harness needs adjusting, please ask a Knockhatch Instructor.

The course:

  • Platforms
    • A maximum of 2 people can be on a platform at one time.
  • All other activities
    • Only 1 person on zip wire or crossing at one time
  • Zip Wires
    • Only 1 person can descend a zip wire at a time.
    • Check the landing site and zip wire are clear before descending.
    • Never hold onto the zip wire cable.
    • Hold onto your black safety line
    • Keep your head away from and to one side of the zip wire and keep your feet pointing downwards.
    • When landing, relax – if you land forwards run as soon as you land and slow yourself down, if you land facing backwards or sideways, drag your heels to slow down, DO NOT try and turn yourself around.
    • Exit the landing zone immediately to avoid collision.

By taking part in this activity you are agreeing to adhere to all the rules. Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in termination of your climb and no refund will be given.

The staff at Knockhatch Adventure Park have the right to refuse access if they see fit to so

£4.95 per person - pay at the entrance or at The Dragon Castle Kiosk.

REVIEW *****
We had an excellent day at Knockhatch a large family group of us the children loved it we spent the whole day there extremely reasonably priced as were the food outlets.Must mention your super staff that were extremely helpful and a credit to you.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️We will be back.
Jan Doyle - via Facebook
11th April 2018
REVIEW *****
Coming from Derbyshire to visit our grandsons in Brighton we always try and have a day at this wonderful attraction. Having grandchildren from 18 years down to 5 years we have visited many attractions in various parts of the country this being the best value day out. Knockhatch continue to add attractions the latest being the indoor jungle/dinosaur barn full of high slides and rooftop rope walkways, we spent many hours in here today
Via Tripadvisor
Jan 2019
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