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Conservation Area

Conservation area - coming soon to Knockhatch

October 2018 - Work has just started on a conservation area here at Knockhatch. It’s located by the entrance to the outdoor Owl Enclosures and Enchanted Forest Crazy Golf. We’re building the following:
  • Bat House, a cosy safe home for a family of bats
  • Wild Bee Hive, to help increase the number of bee colonies
  • Wildlife Pond, an area for wildlife to drink and bathe
  • Reptile Rockery, to provide cover and a basking site
We plan to set up cameras that will show you inside these areas, a brilliant insight to study how they live, their hidden workings, and give you the ability to observe their behaviour. The footage will be viewable when you visit. Fingers crossed, we hope in the near future to have the opportunity to view from the comfort of your own home via the internet. Won’t that be brilliant!

Bug Mansion

At Knockhatch we designed and built a bug mansion which you can see outside our owl sanctuary. The multi-storey bug mansion is full of all sorts of natural materials for the perfect home for different varieties of creatures that visit. In return they might even keep pests away! The best materials to use for a bug mansion are straw, hay, dead wood, dry sticks, rich potted plants, upside down pots, bundles of garden canes, stones, bricks, old roof tiles, just to name a few. If you visit the RSPB website you can get a lot of useful information about how you can build your own.
REVIEW *****
Had such a lovely day at knockhatch yesterday, I think it’s one of the best valued places to visit for the amount of things to do. You upped your game this year for the Halloween containment it was brilliant good job guys
Sarah Lee via Facebook
Oct 2017
REVIEW *****
Never visited Knockhatch before but really pleasantly surprised. Everywhere appears clean and well kept. Staff were polite and helpful clearly happy to be there. Good range of attractions for kids of all ages, love the karts. Even the animals were sociable. Lovely day out.
90philipb - via Tripadvisor
Oct 2017
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