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Food & Catering

Are you bringing your own food?

If you bring your own food, we ask that you use the designated picnic areas, regardless of the time of year. Please note that only food purchased in the Froggies cafe and the Cannon Arena can be eaten in those areas. Anyone eating their own food will be asked to leave and go to the designated picnic areas.

Covered picnic area locations:
  • Tommy Tractor Play Barn (open all year round)
  • Bear's Den Burger Bar (open at restricted times)
  • Outside Froggies Cafe (open all year round)
Some covered picnic areas have a heater available. For those wishing to have a picnic during the colder weather, please push the button and you will get instant heat. The heater heats people and objects (not the air). The heater is set for 5 mins and will turn off automatically.

We do have vanilla dairy free ice cream in some of our outlets.

Froggies Cafe

Froggies cafe is open DAILY with last orders at 4.45pm. Froggies have a great selection of food. Examples : pizzas, sandwiches/bagels (can be toasted), beans on toast, fish finger meals, chicken dipper meals and vegetarian meals to name a few. There's a selection of hot and cold drinks available. Froggies has a ticket system - order your food, get a ticket and watch for your number on the digital display, then collect your meal from the counter. A PDF menu is provided under 'related documents' for you to download and print.

Bears Den Burger Bar

Open ORANGE DAYS between 11:30am and 3:30pm the Bears Den Burger Bar have favourites such as burgers, cheeseburgers, nuggets, hot dogs, scampi, chips and vegetarian options. With a selection of drinks available.

Cannon Arena

If you are feeling peckish this outlet has a small cafe, which serves pre-made food, drinks and Marshfield's Ice Cream. Please note that this attraction & catering outlet has limited opening times. Term time Monday to Friday - 2pm to 5.30pm. Weekends and East Sussex school holidays - 10am to 5.30pm
REVIEW *****
"Lovely day out, excellent value for money, nice food and fairly priced"
Antandchar Magee - via Facebook

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