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We welcome visits from Schools.  We aim to make the experience both enjoyable and educational for the Children. Knockhatch Adventure Park is home to a wide range of birds of prey, and farmyard animals which provide a great opportunity for children to learn about animals and their different habitats.  

One reason that school trips are such an effective teaching tool is that they give children the chance to ‘change the scenery’. After months couped up in a classroom, a trip to an adventure park or the like is a fantastic way to open the kids’ minds to learning new things. Enjoying fresh air and physical activity can breathe new life into even the most mundane of subjects. They say that teaching is an art form, and ensuring that learning is an active experience is a great way to perfect it. 

Whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or guardian, it’s well worth considering ways to get kids out and enjoying the world around them. Learning is all about discovery; and there’s no better place to discover new things than out in the big wide world. 

School & Group Information
Are you a school or group?Looking for somewhere educational and fun to take your pupils? Why not bring your pupils to Knockhatch Adventure Park in Hailsham, East Sussex! We offer a range of learning activities which link in with the National Curriculum, for example:-  talks and displays given b...
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Feedback from schools
Feedback from schools submitted by post... "We received a lovely letter from Miss Wheelhouse and the Year 1 children of Denton Community Primary School thanking us for their visit on Wed 28th June. It seems the children had a wonderful day and were very excited about their visit here at Knockhatch."...
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