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Bennetts Wallaby - Macropus Rufogriseus

We now have a fantastic Wallaby Walk Through for visitors to Knockhatch.  Get up close and feed the wallabies with the farm food which can be purchased from the entrance for 50p. Our wallabies are really friendly and love it when children come in to stroke them and feed them. Please ensure that you use the hand washing facilities afterwards.  

Key Facts

Origin : Weight:  
Australia and Tasmania Female 12 kg Male 20 kg 

Height: Lifespan:
1 - 1.5 m 15 years in captivity 

Diet: Reproduction:
Herbivore 1 joey each year

Habitat: Conservation Status:
Shrub & open country Least Concern

Did you know?  

  • A baby wallaby is called a “joey” and stays in it’s mother’s pouch for about 235 days. The mother cares for it during the first year and still produces milk for it once it has left the pouch
  • Young male wallabies play-box and wrestle but big adult males fight to gain supremacy
  • The wallaby's tail is used to steady it when it jumps and as a prop to lean on when it is sitting down
  • Wallabies are hardy and can live in cold climates. They even live in areas with moderate snowfalls
  • The main diet is grass although they have been known to move into Australian suburbs where they eat any plant in the garden
  • A wallaby can jump between 1.5 and 2 meters high. There are many different types of wallaby and all are small Kangaroos 

Buy your farm food at the entrance 50p a cup

All animals can bite and can carry diseases so you must wash your hands thoroughly particularly before eating at the various hand washes situated around the farm. Expecting mothers should take care around the animals due to the fact they may carry zoonoses 


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