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Turkey - Melagris gallapvo

Key Facts

Origin : North America
Weight : Males 5 - 11 kg Females 2.4 - 5.4 kg
Height : Males 100 - 125 cm Female 76 - 90 cm
Lifespan : 13 years if they can avoid Christmas!  
Diet : Omnivore - acorns, berries, seeds
Reproduction : 4 - 17 eggs 
Habitat : Woodland, forests and grassland

Did you know? 

  • Turkeys have between 5000 and 6000 feathers
  • The mother incubates the eggs and cares for the chicks for only a few days as they can very quickly fend for themselves
  • The wild turkey is an agile flier but domesticated turkeys do not fly at all
  • A baby turkey is known as a poult, the male is a stag or tom and the female is a hen
  • Most domesticated turkeys are white. They have been specially bred to be white. The other favourite breed for the table is known as a bronze
  • The wild turkey is becoming more common in America due to re-introduction by conservationists

Buy your farm food at the entrance 50p a cup

All animals can bite and can carry diseases so you must wash your hands thoroughly particularly before eating at the various hand washes situated around the farm. Expecting mothers should take care around the animals due to the fact they may carry zoonoses
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