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Domestic Rabbit - Oryctolagus cuniculus

Key Facts

Origin : North Western Africa , Spain & Portugal
Weight : 0.4 - 2 kg
Size : About 48 cm
Lifespan : 5 - 10 years
Diet : Herbivore - grass, clover & bark from trees
Habitat : Meadows, woods, deserts
Reproduction : 4 - 12 babies (kits)

Rabbits are now numerous throughout the World. Originally brought to Britain by the Romans, they died out when the Romans left. They were re -introduced by the Normans who farmed them for food.

Did you know? 

  • There are many different breeds of pet rabbit from the tiny pigmy to the large British Giant
  • A rabbit sleeps for about 8.4 hours every day. It mainly eats in the early morning and evening
  • A new baby rabbit only needs to be fed by it’s mother twice a day because her milk is very nutritious
  • A rabbit hole is called a “burrow” and several burrows together are known as a “warren”
  • The keeper of the rabbits on a medieval estate was called a Warrener. It was considered to be a very important job. Large earth mounds were made for the rabbits warren
  • Do not be worried if you see a rabbit eating it’s pellets (faeces). The pellets eaten are cecal pellets and are a necessary part of a rabbit’s digestion.

You are able to purchase farm food at the entrance 50p a cup

All animals can bite and can carry diseases so you must wash your hands thoroughly particularly before eating at the various hand washes situated around the farm. Expecting mothers should take care around the animals due to the fact they may carry zoonoses - More info on our Health and Safety Page

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