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Domestic Chickens

Key Facts

Origin : Weight :
World Wide 1.8-4.08kg
Height /Wingspan: Lifespan : 
25.4-38cm 5-10 years
Diet : Habitat :
Omnivore Mostly domesticated  

Did you know? 

  • There are many breeds of chicken, there are only a few examples here at Knockhatch. Many of our chickens are mixed breeds
  • A group of chickens is called a flock.  A male is called a Cockerel but in America they call him a Rooster. The female is a hen.  A baby is known as a chick
  • Omnivores means that they eat meat and vegetables. In this case grain, insects and reptiles for example
  • A baby chick comes from an egg.  The egg has to be kept warm for 21 days. Sometimes the mother hen keeps them warm in a nest but often the eggs are put in an incubator which is kept at the right temperature and also keeps them moving, just like the hen would do
  • The cockerel is the one who makes a cock-a-doodl-doo sound, the hen just makes a clucking noise.  She clucks a lot when she has laid an egg
  • A hen can lay up to 300 eggs a year so she needs to be fed well. We buy special mixed food for them but they enjoy scraps or even a small rodent or insects when they get a chance
  • There is an incubator in the hatching room at Knockhatch and you can usually see some of the baby chicks being kept warm in the hatching room 
Buy your farm food at the entrance 50p a cup
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All animals can bite and can carry diseases so you must wash your hands thoroughly particularly before eating at the various hand washes situated around the farm. Expecting mothers should take care around the animals due to the fact they may carry zoonoses

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