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Animal or Bird of Prey Experiences

A brilliant idea if you are stuck for a way to celebrate a special occasion or simply want something different to do in the school holidays or on a weekend. 

Coati Experience
Coati Experience... (All Year Round Experience) ...Coatis are an intelligent and a very active mammal. Relations of the raccoon, these amazing and loveable animals are expert climbers and jumpers. This experience offers you the chance to get up close and personal with this unusual species. You'll ha...
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Falconry Day
Falconry Day... (All Year Round Experience) ...Knockhatch Falconry Centre in East Sussex The art of falconry dates back over 4000 years, weaving throughout history and into modern times. While no longer reserved for royalty alone, this once sport of kings is still revered and practiced by many. Rapt...
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Come and enjoy our Hawk-Walks... (October to February Experience) ...After a brief introduction to the birds of prey, an instructor will take you through a few safety procedures and instruct you on how to handle and fly the hawks. From there you'll be taken for a leisurely walk with one or more hawk...
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Animal Keeper Experience
Animal Keeper Experience Our Farm Animal Keeper Experiences provide a wonderful opportunity to get up close to and handle some of our animals.  This will make for an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for a child who is interested in animals.  Our Keepers will provide an introduction ...
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Meerkat Experience
Meerkat Experience Meerkats are an adorable and inquisitive creature and as a species, have captured the hearts of many around the world. Nafari and Karoo are two of our new additions to Knockhatch and the Wild Kingdom show. This experience is your chance to meet them personally. You’ll be seated in...
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